The digital age has changed battlefield geometry.
The Brainstem ensures yours
is a better operational battle.

Our 360° expertise in system development solutions can re-energize your battle’s mission.

Welcome to
The Brainstem

As consumers are increasingly overexposed to marketing tactics, The Brainstem believes there’s more to successful branding than what meets the eye. We are a team of creators, thinkers, and doers bonded together by our love of all things development.

The Brainstem team specializes in User Experience and User Interface (UX/UI) research and design, Mobile App and Web Development, Big Data Dashboard Development, Interactive Application Development, and Internet of Things (IoT) Application Development. And for something extra special, we can combine all these specialities into a stunning website we’ll manage for you.


We help you build an impactful brand through stories people can connect with.

Why UX Matters
94% of first impressions
are design-related


Thoughtful, accessible design visually and experientially sets your company apart



Knock down technological barriers to forge deep personal connections



Leverage user-centric design to accomplish revenue-boosting goals


Why Big Data Matters
Sharpen data into information,
and information into insight

  • icon-big-data-decision

    Precise Decision Making

    Assured and agile decision making backed by reliable data will turn your organization into a marketing and productivity powerhouse

  • icon-big-data-creativity

    Calculated Creativity

    Drive innovation, development, and satisfy unmet market needs with accurate and extensive data

  • icon-big-data-advantage

    Economical Advantage

    Big data identifies more efficient business processes and illuminates your path

  • icon-why-us-economical

    Future-proof Planning

    Utilize comprehensive market and consumer behaviour stats to forecast trends and opportunities


What We Do
The Brainstem has all the tools
to reinforce your mission

Web and Mobile Application Development

We’ve been building apps for over 20 years, so we have the expertise to help you get your app launched quicker

Web and Mobile Application Development

UX/UI Design

The user interface is the window through which the world experiences your brand and your product

UX/UI Design

Managed Website

Managed website services ensure your site is always available and your CMS platform and plugins are up to date

Managed Website

Why Choose Us?
When you need a Situation Room,
The Brainstem is all hands on deck



Since 1996, we’ve worked with businesses of all sizes and across all industries to plant and grow the seeds of ingenuity and prosperity



With a combination of scientific and artistic best practices, we collect and evaluate data from every possible channel – from interviews and focus groups to test marketing



Our stunning, inventive, and easy-to-follow designs bridge the gap between offline and online relationships to nurture connections that will last a lifetime



We tactfully employ Agile and Scrum methods, enabling transparent and easy-to-control business developmental planning



We believe in accessibility, meaning our services are cost-effective and offer the most value-for-money